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239S Super Lube Supreme

Schaeffer's Super Lube Supreme is a premium high performance para-synthetic fluid.

Blended into the para-synthetic base oils and the highly specialized additive package is Micron Moly®. Super Lube Supreme is specially formulated to provide superior protection and performance in:

  • powershift and direct drive transmissions,
  • torque converters,
  • differentials and final drives,
  • wet brakes,
  • drive axles,
  • transfer drives,
  • hydrostatic and hydraulic applications.

Also used in machines with combined systems found in Caterpillar and other OEM front end loaders, haul trucks, dozers and other heavy duty off-road equipment used in the construction, mining, forestry industries and other off-road applications.

Choose SAE: 10, 30, 50, 60, 0W-20 or 15W-40

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