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Landscapers and Lawn Maintenance Companies Benefit From Schaeffer OIl

Landscapers and Lawn Maintenance Companies Benefit From Schaeffer OIl

RL Services, LLC Benefits From Schaeffer Oil Products

You might be wondering how landscaping and lawn maintenance services can benefit from using Schaeffer oil and waterproof synthetic greases, right?The truth is in the results.We asked Ryan Imus from RL Services, LLC a landscaper in Stanwood / Camano Island to try switching to Schaeffer oil products then record the results.

The answer to that question is immediately, is simply lower maintenance costs and fuel savings that save hundreds of dollars. Ryan claims he can mow between 15 – 25% more lawn area before running out of gas in his mowers.This he attributes to Schaeffer oil which he says increases horsepower in anything he puts Schaeffer oil in. Ryan says his Chevy truck runs better and gets 2 miles a gallon better fuel economy.

Schaeffer Waterproof Synthetic Grease Is Reassuring

For many companies, keeping up with equipment maintenance is something that is seen as cumbersome at the end of each day. Ryan says on days he is over booked he used to go home and still spend time greasing his lawn machines. Now, if he is too tired he rests assured that Schaeffer grease will keep doing a good job until he can grease it the next day when he’s not overbooked or too tired.

Time Savings on Rainy or Wet Days

In Western Washington the weather can be wet, so the grass is heavy and wet. For parts on the mower equipment this requires waterproof grease that will not wash out. Schaeffer grease is waterproof and is guaranteed not to wash out or pound out.This helps on these kinds of conditions where normal greases wash out so fast causing to machines to need to be grease multiple times a day.

I live by the Puget Sound in the Stanwood / Camano Island areas where I service these areas as well as Arlington, Smokey Point, Marysville, Mount Vernon and Conway, WA.These areas have moist morning year round and often wet days or weeks.Ryan says, “I count on Schaeffer Oil and grease.”

Bottom Line RL Services, LLC Saves Money and Gets Better Results

Ryan says Schaeffer oil is by far the best oil and grease he’s ever used.The results are phenomenal and his pocket book allows him for growth money where other companies are struggling. My business is doing so well I doubled my capacity this year. Ryan says the aspects of Schaeffer grease & oil include:

  • Extended life for lawn care equipment
  • Saving maintenance time allotted to equipment
  • Fuel, oil and grease savings

Storing the equipment during the off-season Ryan uses Neutra Fuel Stabilizer. Penetro 90 penetrating lubricant lasts 20 times longer than WD-40 and works in the rain or moist conditions stopping irritating squeaks. The gas and fuel additives are exceptional. “ Schaeffer 9006 two-cycle is crazy good!”

“I tell all my customers about Schaeffer oil and greases.” Ryan says, “Every chance I get. I buy my Schaeffer oil products from the good people at Buy #1 Oils and they’re available online”