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Why Are Specialized Lubricants So Important?

Why Are Specialized Lubricants So Important?

Specialized Lubricants Are Important For These Reasons

If you don't drive a race car or operate a giant excavator, you may not understand all the fuss over specialized lubricants. Can't you just head to your local Walmart and grab a cheap bottle of oil or tube of grease? Why does everything have to be so specialized?

Here's why:

Schaeffer Specialized Lubricants

1.Your equipment will last longer

Whether you've got a boat to cruise around on over the weekend or a big lawnmower that you use to cut all 10 acres of your backyard, you want it to last as long as possible.It can only do that with the help of specialized lubricants!

Think of it like picking out foods to eat. If you constantly opt for fast food, you're not going to feel as healthy as you would if you had a diet that was rich in vegetables, antioxidants, and lean proteins.You'd probably be a lot more susceptible to things like high cholesterol, heart disease, and obesity.

Your equipment works the same way! Specialized lubricants are the "healthy foods" of the machinery world. Because they're specially-crafted for the exact machine you're using -- and the exact conditions you'll be using it in -- they can seriously prolong the life of your equipment. 

2.Your equipment will run better

Let's take the healthy diet comparison one step further. If you ate all of the right things, you wouldn't just live longer -- you'd also be able to do more on a daily basis. Your equipment works the same way.If it's got strong, thick waterproof grease or biodegradable hydraulic oil in it, it's going to function better every time you use it than it would if you had sub-par lubrication.

After all, specialized lubricants are made with a special "recipe."  Specifically, each one has certain additives in it that are designed to make your equipment run at its very best. For example, you might get a waterproof grease that has special polymer in it to make it even thicker and even more water-resistant. Or, you might get biodegradable gear oil that's made to withstand even higher temperatures than the "regular" oil. Or, you might get a special grease that's made with additives that combat dust, so that your mining machine doesn't clog.

These additives are part of what separates one lubricant manufacturer from another. Each one uses different "recipes" to create a truly unique product. For example, if you look at Schaeffer oil products, you'll see a description of the ingredients used in each bottle. That way, you can buy oil that meets your exact needs. When all is said and done, you'll have equipment that runs more efficiently.

3.Your fuel bills will go down

As fun as it is to cruise around in your boat on a Saturday afternoon, you've got to pay for fuel to power it! These days, though, that can be a major expense.If you're like the rest of us, you're looking for a way to cut back on your fuel expenses, without cutting back on your fun time.

Luckily, specialized lubricants can do just that!

Because they're made with such high-quality, carefully-crafted ingredients, they'll give your equipment the exact amount of friction it needs to operate. For example, if you're looking at Schaeffer gear oil, you'll see the words "gear efficiency" mentioned. Simply put, if you can boost your gear efficiency, you'll be able to decrease your equipment's peak power demand -- and, thus, use less fuel.

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