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Why Do So Many People Love Schaeffer Oil?

Why Do So Many People Love Schaeffer Oil?

People love Schaeffer's Oil

So what's their secret? Why do so many people love Schaeffer oil?

-Because it passes all the tests

Schaeffer's oil has definitely been put to the test over the years.Instead of simply saying that this oil can increase performance, the people at Schaeffer's -- and even some of their customers -- have actually tested the results.

One trucking company started tracking its oil-related expenditures when it switched to Schaeffer's oil back in 1998. Ever since, they've been able to save $200,000 every year because the oil can last more than 45,000 miles without needing to be changed!

Back in 2006, a motorsport company did a direct comparison with a Pontiac GTO. They started with a fresh batch of oil made by another company, and the GTO hit 316.3 wheel horsepower. Right after that, they swapped out that oil for one made by Schaeffer's.  The GTO hit the chassis dyno a few minutes later and hit a whopping 322.8 wheel horsepower! If that doesn't tell you that Schaeffer's oil is capable of increasing your equipment's power and potential, nothing will!

-Because it makes Mother Nature happy 

Schaeffer oil is Cutting Edge

Over the years, they’ve created everything from biodegradable hydraulic oil, to synthetic oils that don't have to be made with petroleum, to oils that last longer so that you don't have to worry about changing and dumping them as often.

-Because it improves fuel efficiency

One thing that can make both Mother Nature AND your wallet a whole lot happier is a boost in fuel efficiency. Thanks to special blends and special additives, Schaeffer's oil coats the surfaces of your engine better, which increases lubrication and dramatically reduces friction. When all of the moving parts in your engine aren't rubbing up against each other -- and creating a whole lot of wear and tear in the process -- they can move more freely and easily. That means they won't have to work as hard to keep your car moving. The less work your engine has to put in, the less fuel it's going to use. When you look at it that way, it makes perfect sense!

-Because it helps prevent corrosion

If you look at the fine print on virtually any bottle of Schaeffer oil, you'll see that it's specially-formulated to prevent rust and corrosion.That's a big deal! After all, if your engine has fallen victim to corrosion, it means that part of the metal has been destroyed. And, if the rust gets bad enough, it can cause your components to fail which will reduce your car's efficiency or even make it stop running altogether!

-Because it's got awesome additives

When you are one of the biggest names in the industry, you've got to keep your thinking cap on if you want to prevent the competition from catching up to you. In Schaeffer's case, that means coming up with new additive formulations that can make oil better, stronger, and longer-lasting.

We've already talked about two additives -- one that increases lubrication and one that prevents rust. However, Schaeffer's has come up with a whole lot more than that! Their additives will also do everything from reduce engine sludge, to handle very hot temperatures, to keep the oil from getting too thick in the wintertime.

-Because it can be used by just about anyone

With so many different types of equipment out there, you'd think it would be nearly impossible to create top-of-the-line oil for each and every one of them.However, that's exactly what Schaeffer's has done! Their oils are considered to be top of the line by everyone from race car drivers,  motorcycle riders, heavy-duty truck drivers, professional landscapers,  construction professionals and farmers. Now THAT'S diverse!

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