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Neutra Fuel Stabilzer

Neutra Fuel Stabilizer

Schaeffer's #131 Neutra Fuel Stabilizer is a highly concentrated multi-functional, ashless fuel stabilizer that is 

Schaeffer 131 Neutra Fuel Stabilizerspecially formulated for use in gasoline (including ethanol blends), diesel (including biodiesel) and L.P.G. fuels. Neutra Fuel Stabilizer contains a highly concentrated additive package that when used at the recommended treatment levels provides the following performance benefits:

During periods of storage Neutra helps prevent phase separation of ethanol gasoline, helps with breakdown and oxidation of fuel, neutralizes acids and helps with prevention of rust and corrosion in fuel systems caused from moisture.

Extends Engine Life

Neutra helps extend engine life by lubricating the upper cylinders, fuel pumps and injectors. Reduces rust and corrosion. Provides cleanliness. Offers anti-wear protection, and much more.

Cleans Injectors 

Neutra's gentle detergent action cleans keeps injectors free from deposits, gum, and varnish that cause inefficient operation.

- Schaeffer's  #131 Neutra Fuel Stabilizer