SoyUltra - Gas Additive

SoyUltra Gas Fuel System Lubricator

Schaeffer 131C Soy Ultra Gas Fuel Lubricator

SoyUltra is a multifunctional gasoline additive that is specially formulated for use in all types of gasoline used in new and old gasoline powered vehicles.

SoyUltra Gasoline Additive contains a unique blend of methyl soyate bio-fuel derived from soybean oil and a multifunctional additive package that incorporates the dual functionality of frictional modification and detergency. Use at the recommended treatment ratios.

Soy Ultra Gasoline Fuel Additive provides the following performance benefits:

  • Increased engine performance with smoother idling and improved drivability.
  • Up to 2% improvement in fuel economy on new vehicles and up to 5% on older vehicles.
  • Up to 40% increase in fuel lubricity.
  • Excellent antiwear protection of the fuel injectors and fuel pumps especially for those engines burning low sulfur, reformulated or oxygenated gasoline.
  • Lubrication of the upper cylinders, fuel pumps and injectors with antiwear protection for supplemental ring and valve-train.
  • Reduced emissions and particulates.
  • Improved carburetor, fuel injector, engine induction system, intake valve and combustion chamber cleanliness.

- Schaeffer #131C Soy Ultra Fuel System Lubricator