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Penetro 90



There are countless reasons to need a reliable "rust buster." Engine work, construction, maintenance, demolition, etc. Penetro 90® is a high performance penetrating oil that penetrates and lubricates all types of moving parts that have become difficult to operate due to increased friction from wear, corrosion or the buildup of sludge and grime. Penetro 90® is blended from a unique patented formula that provides the following benefits:

 Superior rust busting characteristics !

  • Formation of a Triple Barrier Shield to protect against rust and other corrosive buildup.

  • Formation of a protective shield that rejects abrasive particles such as dirt, sand and salt, and protects against moisture.

  • Superior extreme pressure and anti-wear properties in order to increase equipment life and reduce downtime.

  • Will not affect any seal materials or coatings.

  • Prevents Thread Stripping