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Citrol II 739

Schaeffer #739 Citrol II Filmless Degreacitrol-2-can.pngser

Citrol II #739 is a highly concentrated all organic and biodegradable solvent blend that easily removes grease, oil and grime from metalic and non-metalic surfaces including most plastics.  What is unique about this forrmula is its degreasing abilites idealy suited for heavy machinery, equipment and electrical motors without the use of ozone depleting chlorinbated solvents. The following are the unique features:

  • All Organic and Biodegradable
  • No Chlorinated or Fluorinated Solvents
  • No Petroleum Distillates
  • Excellent Degreasing Power
  • Dielectric Strength Greater than 18,000 Volts

(Non-Water Soluable)


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