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Schaeffer Diesel & Gas Engine additves, Diesel & Gas Engine Oil Additives For Power and Performance.

Find answers here for your diesel and gas performance problems.  Because diesel fuel ususally does not contain any effective detergents then varnish and carbon deposits can clog injectors robbing you of as much as 25% of your power and performance. 

Gas performs poorly nowadays due to the dryness of today's fuels.  Soy Ultra helps lubricate the dryest of fuels.  Keep reading how....


Schaeffer's Diesel Treat 2000 Premium Diesel (#137) is our nationally branded product. Jobbers can blend the additive themselves for bulk sales or provide the product in easy to use quart bottles that can be sold by the case for retail. Diesel Treat 2000® Premium customized brochures, pump toppers, stickers, end aisle displays, banners, and counter cards are also available.

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Protect your investment now. Shop for diesel and gas engine additives, diesel fuel additves and gasoline and oil additves to prolong engine life.  Additives like Schaeffer's Moly E.P. Oil Treatment, 137 Diesel Treat 2000, Soy Shield and Schaeffer's Carbon Treat are only a few.  Find all the information here at .