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Advanced European Performance Oils

Schaeffer Advanced European Performance Oils

Long-term engine protection for European vehicles

Schaeffer’s Advanced European Performance Oils are designed to meet the specific performance requirements of European vehicles.
Blended from a unique combination of synthetic base fluids, our European oils offer improved fuel economy benefits as well as enhanced engine durability.
Advanced European Performance Oils keep engines exceptionally clean from harmful deposits that impact engine performance. Fortified with Micron Moly® and Penetro® – two proven friction modifiers, our European oils provide strong protection against metal-to-metal contact. By reducing friction, our European oils keep bearings, rings, pistons, cylinders and valves like new longer.


  • Improve engine durability without affecting fuel economy
  • Significantly reduce friction – less wear
  • Resist thinning and breaking down when engines are running at higher temperatures.
  • Maintain viscosity stability over time
  • Quickly lubricate and circulate at startup
  • Low coefficient of traction to provide improved fuel economy benefits.

- 8007 Advanced European Performance Full SAPS 5W-30

- 8012 Advanced European Performance Heavy-Duty Diesel Engine Oil 5W-30

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