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Transmission / Drivetain Fluids

Schaeffer Transmission & Drivetrain Fluids

Protecting Your Transmission and Drivetrain from Wear saves Dollars and Makes Cents - Schaeffer Synthetic Transmission Fluids Make Perfect Sense!

Schaeffer 204SAT ALL-TRANS

Schaeffer’s Superior quality synthetic transmission fluids drop temperatures up to 10º-30ºF.

Fact is that when you drop transmission temperatures by 18°F, the oil and seal life doubles. More so, Schaeffer lubricants withstand higher temperatures (up to 250°F more than conventional oils).

Today’s automatic transmissions demand much more from their fluids and this is why Schaeffer's 204sat ALL-TRANS® Supreme Synthetic Transmission fluid & Schaeffer's 205 Dexron VI Synthetic transmission Fluid represents a monumental explosion in overall performance for these reasons:

Schaeffer 205A Dexron VI / Mercon LV

  • Stabilizes Oxidation
  • Low Temperature Performance Excellence
  • Resists Sludge Build-up
  • Prevents Foaming
  • Reduces Friction To Perform At Lower Temperatures
  • Anti-Shudder Protection
  • Smooth Shifting Performance
  • Long Term and Usable Fluid Life
  • Compatible With All Types of Seals

Torque Converter and Final Drive Fluids

Schaeffer has exceptional torque converter and final drive fluids that keep things cool extending your equipments life.  Read more about Schaeffer #112 Simplex and #315 Simplex Supreme.