Eaton Fuller RoadRanger

Eaton / Fuller Roadranger Transmission Fluids

We carry two kinds of transmission fluid for Fuller Roadranger transmissions.  Schaeffer #742 synthetic gear Schaeffer gear lube for Eaton Fuller Roadranger Transmissionslubricant SAE 50 and Schaeffer Super Lube Supreme (#239S) a premium quality para-synthetic fluid. These are both premium quality lubes although the #742 being fully synthetic complies with the Eaton approval on their 750,000 mile warranty. If still under their warranty please choose #742 so as not to void the warranty. 

If your transmission is outside the Eaton warranty you can save some money and use the 239S SAE 50 Super Lube Supreme.  You will not notice any diffence other than the change interval will be slightly more frequent.  Both of these lubes have the same Schaeffer quality additive packages that set Schaeffer's lubricants apart from all the rest.  

- Schaeffer Super Lube Supreme (#239S) Choose SAE 50

- Schaeffer #742 synthetic gear lubricant SAE 50