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Diesel Additives-Summer

SCHAEFFER'S  CarbonTreat™ Premium Diesel Fuel Treatment 

Is a multifunctional, ultra-low sulfur compliant diesel fuel additive. It is formulated to prevent and control the formation of asphaltenes and other unstable compounds. These compounds are caused by the extreme pressures and temperatures encountered in high pressure common rail fuel injection systems. They can lead to the formation of deposits which plug fuel filters and foul injectors. Carbon Treat™ Premium has 3X the detergency needed to provide clean-up and keep clean performance, as shown by the Peugeot DW-10 Injector Depositing Test. 


  • Prevents the formation deposits that can lead to sludge.

  • Prevents filter plugging.

  • Increases thermal and oxidative stability of the diesel fuel.

  • Detergency for cleanliness for the entire fuel system. 

  • Removes existing injector deposits, allowing for their removal and safe passage into the combustion chamber where they can be burned.

  • Restores lost horsepower.

  • Cummins L-10 superior detergency  keeps injectors clean and maintain engine performance.

  • Improves combustion of the fuel which increases fuel economy.

  • Reduces emissions and black exhaust smoke.

Here are some reviews from real customers:

Cleaner burning. I've only been using the product a short time but it appears the exhaust is cleaner as the particulate filter does not have to be regenerated as often. Don

Very pleased!! James I.