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Everything You Should Know About Biodegradable Lubricants

Everything You Should Know About Biodegradable Lubricants

How Much Do You Know About Biodegradable Lubricants?

Biodegradable lubricants have become all the more popular in recent years because of the fact that they don't have quite the same negative effects on the environment as many of their counterparts. Understanding a bit about these variations can go a long way in helping individuals to determine which products are right for them.

An Overview of Vegetable Oils

Vegetable oils are quite commonly utilized as lubricants when they are in their natural states, and as lubricants, they offer a range of advantages. For instance, it is well known that vegetable oils have a high rate of lubricity, something that is much higher than mineral oil variations.

What makes vegetable oils all the more appealing is that they rate very highly on the viscosity index. Most of the oils that fall into this category have a 200 VI, while mineral oils boast of a VI of around 100. These statistics are used to measure the viscosity changes that occur within a fluid under a specific temperature. Fluids that boast of a higher VI level are actually able to maintain their viscosity when they come into contact with higher temperatures. Those with low VI levels, on the other hand, are unable to do this quite as effectively.

Flash Points

Biodegradable lubricants aren't just chosen because of their high VI levels. These liquids are also chosen because of their high flash points, which is the temperature that these liquids can be heated before they start to give off vapors, that when combined with air, will become flammable. Vegetable oils tend to have flash points of around 610 degrees Fahrenheit, while the mineral oil variations tend to have flash points of around 320F.

It is important to remember that biodegradable lubricants do not simply boast of properties that allow them to degrade more easily in the environment, but they also tend to be less toxic. The fact that these products are more renewable means that they actually lower the general population's dependency on petroleum oils, which very often have to be imported. This alone puts an even bigger strain on the environment, which is why biodegradable lubricants should be considered.

Choosing Biodegradable Lubricants

Many people are opting for biodegradable lubricants because many of the lubricants that are currently being utilized throughout the world actually end up in the earth itself. This is obvious by the amount of mineral oils that can be found in rivers, ground water and lakes. The amount of damage these chemicals can do to the environment means that alternatives simply need to be sought, and it is for this reason that more and more people are considering opting for biodegradable lubricants.

Getting to know as much as possible about biodegradable products allows individuals the chance to determine whether these products are right for them, as well as how they can go about utilizing them to benefit their own companies, as well as the environment.

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