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Fuel and Oil Additives

Schaeffer's FUEL AND OIL ADDITIVES can increase fuel economy.

There are many reasons you should be using fuel and oil additives.  We have listed a few for you. 

  • remove carbon deposits from injectors
  • help prevent gelling
  • disperse water in fuel
  • improve cetane
  • increase fuel lubricity
  • fewer emissions
  • increased fuel economy

Here are some reviews from real customers: 

"Neutra improves your MPG. We have been a BIG Neutra fan ever since our mechanic poured a bottle in our early 90's Motorhome and our gas mileage improved. We use it in all our vehicles for better mileage and instead of Sta-Bil for long term storage." Diane C.

"Moly EP. I have higher mileage vehicles and have been using Moly EP for 3 years. It was recommended to me by a diesel mechanic. They use it in all their over the road trucks. I add a pint at every oil change. I was able to get 275,000 miles on my wife's Tahoe before we sold it." William B.

"CarbonTreat all season. The CarbonTreat is a wonderful product it keeps the fuel filter cleaner and longer." Cody