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Heavy Trucking & Equipment

Schaeffer's represents a significant upgrade in performance.  These drivetrain lubricants will cling to metal surfaces and leave a fine but durable film that allows components to move smoothly. Reducing friction helps to lower temperatures, which extends lubricant life. Using anti-wear and extreme pressure additives, Schaeffer’s lubes will withstand pressures up to 500,000 PSI to protect internal moving parts. Schaeffer’s lubes will help reduce bearing fatiguescoring, and spalling. 

Schaeffer’s drivetrain lubricants have strong oxidation and thermal stabilityThis allows Schaeffer’s lubricants to maintain viscosity during higher operating temperatures protecting your equipment. Oxidation and thermal stability can potentially extend lubricant service life. Modern drivetrains are demanding a lot more than they used to from their fluids.

Schaeffer’s lubricants will clean up components and help them stay clean. High mileage, long service drivetrains can get gunky, oily residue and dirt buildup. Schaeffer’s uses enhanced detergency packages in their lubricants to combat this problem. 

Transmission fluids are very specific so we always recommend that you check your owner's manual before choosing.  Some of the brands covered are Allison, Arvin/Meritor (Rockwell), Ford, Eaton/Fuller/Road Ranger, Hino, Mack, Mercedes, Mitsubishi and Spicer.