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Moly EP Oil Treatment

Schaeffer's Moly EP Oil Treatment is a highly fortified engine oil treatment.

EP means extreme pressure.

This product contains a highly specialized additive package. It is formulated with Micron Moly and Penetro to reduce metal-to-metal contact. When used at the recommended treatment rate, this additive package provides the following performance benefits:

  • Increased compression.

  • A reduction in oil consumption.

  • Elimination of sticking valves and lifters.

  • Reduced blow-by.

  • Increased oil pressure.

  • A reduction in engine friction and wear.

  • Increased power.

  • Better viscosity control.

Suitable for use as an assembly lube on engine builds.

Here are some reviews from real customers:

Great Customer Service. This product works great in our vans and the engines run’s so smooth with little to no oil consumption. Richard M.

Quick and knowledgeable service from this company, added proper amount (3 pts.)to my last oil change on my motor home ( 5.9 Cummins ) started motor to check for leaks, and while it was running, I could literally hear a real change in the sound of the motor as it was warming up, this is not a BS story, I'm a 70 year old gear head & auto repair shop owner, much smoother & quieter, Very impressed with this product and anxious to see if there is a improvement in power and fuel mileage. Daniel H.

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