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Oil Analysis Testing

Oil analysis test kitsOil Test Analysis Test Kits

Webscope PM Oil Lab Analysis Testing Kits Can Save You Money!  Includes Pre-Paid Postage!

Customer Review:

"I was skeptical about using an oil analysis by the same company as the oil I use, so I did a duplicate analysis using Schaeffer's web scope and Blackstone Labs and the results were identical." 

- Use To Test All Brands - 

Webscope lab oil analysis test kits

Did you know Schaeffer's Webscope PM Lab Comprehensive Oil Analysis Testing lab program can help you safely and scientifically use half as much engine oil per year?  Simply take an oil sample during your regular oil change interval and mail it using the free postage included with the kit to Schaeffer's lab. 

How long does it take?

In most cases it takes a few days and you'll get an email linking the oil test results with a recommendation of how much further you can safely go until the next oil change.  Most of Schaeffer's customers change their automobiles oil every 10,000 miles.

919 or 928?

The Spectrographic oil analysis kit (919) includes infrared analysis, viscosity, and wear metal testing. Additional testing such as Total Base Number (TBN), or Total Acid Number (TAN), may be included with the Spectrographic analysis by ordering the (928) kit. We recommend using the (928) kits for testing diesel engine oils, crankcases, transmissions and rear-ends especially when extended drain intervals are desired. Regular testing is recommended because over time acid levels begin building and can be tolerated up to a certain level but not beyond.


Webscope oil analysis testing kits can be purchased here at www.Buy1oils.com