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Readily Biodegradable Drip Oil


#505 EcoShield™ Biodegradable Drip oil is a fully formulated anti-wear, "readily biodegradable", environmentally friendly, ecologically responsive, non-toxic fluid that is designed for use in those drip lubricated and circulating oil systems used to lubricate bearings found on vertical shaft driven deep well turbine pumps that are operated in environmentally sensitive areas. EcoShield™ Biodegradable Drip Oil meets the USDA definition EO 13101 for Biobased products. 

EcoShield™ Biodegradable Drip Oil is blended from a unique combination of high oleic vegetable base oils and biodegradable synthetic polyol ester base fluids. Unique base fluid combination provides the EcoShield™ Biodegradable Drip Oil.

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