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Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil - 7 Reasons to Turn to it

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil - 7 Reasons to Turn to it

Turn To Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil

Whether you run an automotive assembly line, use earth-moving equipment, or need to do some heavy lifting, you're going to rely on a hydraulic system to make your work a whole lot easier. That means you're going to need plenty of hydraulic oil.

But why should you turn to biodegradable hydraulic oil? Because it comes with 7 big benefits!

1. It prevents a spill from turning into a crisis

OK, so your goal isn't to spill a single drop, but hey, accidents happen! All it takes is one misstep to turn your job site into an oil-filled mess. With traditional hydraulic oil, you'd have to scramble to prevent it from doing some serious damage to the plants, ponds, and wildlife in the area. But when you've got biodegradable hydraulic oil, all of that scrambling isn't necessary.  

Depending on the contamination and/or degradation levels, small amounts of spilled or leaked Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid will not adversely affect ground water or the environment. For small spills on the ground uncontaminated product will be readily biodegraded by naturally occurring soil organisms when exposed to air. Nonetheless, spillage of Biodegradable Hydraulic Fluid should be handled similarly to currently accepted methods for conventional mineral oil spills.

2. It can save you a lot of money

It can also save you major clean up time because it will biodegrade in a few weeks. And, because you won't be doing any kind of long-term damage to the environment where the spill took place, you won't have to worry about getting any expensive fines from the EPA or other local regulation agencies.

3. It can instantly turn you into a "green" company

These days, going green is a major selling point. Because you're taking actual steps to protect the environment around you, more people will likely want to do business with you. After all, it's proof that you're willing to go above and beyond to do the right thing. People like to see that!

As an added benefit, green technology is still a relatively new development in many industries -- meaning that you can instantly set yourself apart from the competition simply by going green.

4. It's got hydrolytic stability

Wait… what?!

Bear with us for a moment. This may sound like something you would hear in high school chemistry class, but it's awfully important. The ability of a lubricant and its additives to resist chemical decomposition in the presence of water is known as the lubricant's hydrolytic stability

5. It's got thermal stability

While we're on the subject of stability, we need to mention the fact that biodegradable hydraulic oil has thermal stability. In other words, it can handle high temperatures without losing any of its effectiveness. This is a huge benefit, because hydraulic equipment tends to operate at very high temperatures.The last thing you need is your equipment's heat ruining your oil. Talk about counter-productive!

6. It's got a high natural viscosity

Again, this sounds like something your science teacher used to drone on about, but it's another big benefit. Viscosity is a fancy way of saying that something is thick and sticky. You need oil to have lots of viscosity, or else it would simply flow through the inner-workings of your equipment without grabbing onto anything -- meaning all of those moving parts wouldn't have any lubrication on them. 

7. It has low foaming characteristics 

Foam is a major problem in oil. Specifically, if the oil creates foam, it can leak out of the equipment -- something that's not just messy but also potentially dangerous! Plus, foam is a natural insulator, so it can make the temperature of your oil go up, possibly to a temperature that it's not equipped to handle.In short, you need an oil that won't create  foam!

Luckily, biodegradable hydraulic oil is made carefully so that it won't foam up. The best biodegradable hydraulic oils will have a low "foam tendency".That means the chances are reduced that it will create foam even when it's agitated and aerated. Or, in other words, you can use it with confidence!

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