Biodegradable Oils

Biodegradable Hydraulic Oil & Reasons For Switching to Schaeffer’s EcoShield™ Environmentally Safe & Responsible Products?

All Schaeffer's Products Are Compliant With Being "Readily Biodegradable"

Schaeffer’s biodegradable hydraulic oil & Ecoshield™ lubricant products are easy to use, can easily replace petroleum products, have a long service life when properly applied, are readily biodegradable, environmentally friendly, have greater fire resistance than petroleum-based products and come from renewable materials. Also, Title 9 of the Farm Bill "The BioPreferredSM" includes a biobased products preference program, which obliges all government agencies to purchase biobased products "to the maximum extent practicable".ecoshield-fixed.png

EcoShield™ biodegradable lubricants are formulated to provide a long life cycle. Ecoshield™ fluids are totally biodegradable, and exceed the government criteria of being "readily biodegradable". Readily biodegradable is defined as an attribute of products that have a natural ability to biodegrade quickly and completely. When EcoShield™ has leaked onto the ground, it has the ability of substance to be digested or consumed by naturally occurring microorganisms present in water, air and soil systems. Complete biodegradability is the conversion of a substance to carbon dioxide and water.

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For environmental safety and equipment longevity EcoShield™ has the right products like biodegradable hydraulic oil for your needs. Here is a list of biodegradable products available for sale at

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