Offering The Very Best In Diesel Fuel Additives, Gasoline Additives, Engine Additives, & Keep Clean Coolant Additive.

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Thank you for shopping where you will find Schaeffer products sold that are not found in large chain stores simply because they are a family owned business that values and supports small businesses. is owned and operated by two brothers who know firsthand how valuable finding the best lubricants can mean for cutting expenses by eliminating break-downs.

Schaeffer diesel fuel additive is one that can save tons of money in eliminating breakdowns while cutting the fuel costs by 3-5%. Another Schaeffer product we have found useful is Schaeffer’s synthetic compressor oil that we use in our Ingersoll Rand air compressors. Since changing to this compressor oil we have seen our compressors temperatures drop dramatically while witnessing almost no wear over the past 4 plus years.

We believe in Schaeffer, a company that is over 175 years in business which says a lot. For more information please call 360-336-2319.