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Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus Engine Oil

Schaeffer Supreme 7000 Synthetic Plus Motor Oils Come In 15W-40, 5w-20, 5W-30, 10W-30 (Gas Engine), 10W-30 (Diesel Engine), 2-Cycle Oil


Schaeffer oil Supreme 7000 is a premium synthetic plus quality heavy duty engine oil that is especially engineered for extending your engines life and saving you money. Enjoy extended drain intervals and improved fuel economy.  The excellent combination of friction reducing ingredients and performance additives provides Schaeffer Supreme 7000 oil second only to Supreme 9000, also available here, resulting in your engines higher efficiency, power, and during severe operations.

► A customer said this, "after swithching from a competitors oil I was skeptical that I would feel the difference as I was told I would, but only a few miles down the road I coud feel a sudden power surge." ◄

This is typical for each of our customers and it is due to the friction modifiers that are included into each of .  The increased power lets you lay off the gas pedal and see the fuel savings pile up.  Typically the Schaeffer oil change costs about half of the fuel savings that you will experience by the time you change your engine oil next.

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