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Everything You Need To Know About Schaeffer Grease and Racing Oils

Schaeffer's Specialized Lubricants is a United States-based company that is privately owned and operated under the Schaeffer Manufacturing Company name. This business currently specializes in lubrication products that include friction modifiers, oil additives, synthetic oils and greases, among others.

Utilizing Schaeffer Grease

While Schaeffer grease is being utilized by many private individuals, the applications for these products make them perfect for a variety of industries, including manufacturing, mining, agriculture, construction, marine, trucking and even high performance racing. 

The Beginnings

It was in 1839 when the Schaeffer Manufacturing Company was started in St Louis, MO.making soaps and candles.During the God Rush era the company  started manufacturing oils and greases. Schaeffer’s lubricants were sold under the names Red Engine Oil and Black Beauty Grease and are utilized by the wagon trains and steamboats on the Mississippi. Toward the end of the 1940's the company focuses on developing and manufacturing it's own private label of lubricants. During the 1950's the company developed a line of fuel additives. In the 1960's Schaeffer was a trend setter when it developed a line of lubricants that feature liquid soluble molybdenum disulfide (“moly”). In 2014, Schaeffer Manufacturing Co. celebrated its 175th anniversary and honored company founder Nicholas Schaeffer’s 200th birthday. Today the company is a privately owned American company.

 Environmentally Friendly

As consumers become more environmentally aware, companies such as the Schaeffer Manufacturing Company need to follow suit, and the business is doing just that by designing products that last longer and have a less negative impact on the environment. What is more, the company is also cutting down on their disposal costs, to ensure that they produce less waste.

Schaeffer Manufacturing Company produces a range of fuel additives, including some that are entirely soy-based. These products include Soy Shield and Soy Ultra. The company is also manufacturing surfactants that allow individuals working in drought-prone areas to reduce their reliance on water when farming. This company was actually one of the first to supply solvent free technology to the mining industry for the purposes of open gear compounds.

The biodegradable cleaners and lubricants manufactured by this company have been formulated to dissipate rapidly. This is something that comes in handy when in those instances where it is spilled in environmentally-sensitive locations.

High Quality Products

The various Schaeffer grease products that are currently on the market ensure that customers have their pick when it comes to choosing the right one for their application, whether this is private or commercial. The Moly Ultra, for example, is an extreme pressure grease that has been especially designed for use in heavy duty equipment. This grease has been made to withstand extremely adverse conditions within the mining, automotive, construction and industrial industries. Some of these conditions include extremes in heat, moisture, speed, pressure and cold.

The Moly Ultra offers top quality pumpability characteristics, resistance to water washout, high mechanical stability and anti-wear properties that have made it one of the more popular products on the market. It also offers high resistance to oxidation and a high dropping point.

Schaeffer grease such as this enables the product to greatly reduce the effects of friction, which ultimately reduces the wear and tear as well as the contact area temperature within a mechanism. In the long run, this leads to an increase in the lifespan of the equipment, a reduction in downtime and extended lubrication cycles.

Each of the products sold by this company is designed to be used within a specific industry, and these range from fuel storage to agriculture. Over the years, the company has expanded into a wide range of markets and now boasts a line of lubricants that work within a very wide range of settings. Products such as Synshield Durability Advantage engine oil, Simplex Supreme UTHF and Moly Ultra grease are designed, for example, for use in the heavy construction market, while products such as 195 Supertac Food Grade Grease are manufactured as food grade lubricants.

Due to the wide range of products being offered by this company, the more a person knows about each variation, the more informed they will be when the time comes to put their knowledge to use in picking the right products to suit their needs.

Racing Oils

One of the most popular line of products manufactured by this company are the Schaeffer racing oils, which are utilized for performances in high speed races. These oils give competitors an edge.The racing oils manufactured by Schaeffer are specifically designed to reduce the wear and friction within an engine, as well as to ensure it is performing as efficiently as possible.  Schaeffer racing oils offer racers a product that boasts thermal stability, resistance to oxidation, high lubricity, good film strength and low volatility characteristics.

Be reducing friction within an engine, the vehicles are not only made to be more fuel efficient, but the engines tend to have a longer life. This isn't only appealing on the racetrack, but also in the long run because it allows racers the opportunity to get more out of their vehicles by putting less into them.

Overall, the various applications and high quality of these oils makes these products appealing to racers throughout the world and has allowed the company to open their business to international markets, as well as domestic clients.