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How to Protect Rolling-Element Bearings

What Is The Best Way To Lube Roller-Element Bearings?

Efficient rolling-element bearings are important to large manufactures. Rolling-element bearings carry loads by placing round elements between two pieces. These bearings, also called anti-friction bearings are very popular for numerous reasons. One, they are more cost effective. Two, they are more durable. More importantly, they increase carrying loads and decrease friction rotation.

Types of Rolling-Element Bearings

Manufacturers use various types of rolling-element bearings to efficiently move material. The following are different type of commonly used roller-element bearings.

  • Needle rolling bearings-Needle rolling bearings hold rollers captive.
  • Tapered roller bearings-These bearings are used to support radial an axial loads.
  • Spherical roller bearings- Spherical roller bearings are very unique and very important for seamless production. These bearings are used to adjust and support misaligned loads.

Unprotected bearings can rust, erode, and break. The best way to protect rolling-element is to use Schaeffer Oil’s Super Polyurea Grease. Super Polyurea Grease is a premium quality, high temperature, extreme pressure polyurea grease that provides the appropriate lubrication for rolling-element bearings.

Super Polyurea Grease is a premium quality oil based product that is an organic polyurea thickener. The product does not contain any ash combined with a rust and oxidation inhibitor, and an extreme pressure additive system that is no-corrosive to yellow metals. Super Polyurea’s formula increases durability, increases carrying loads, and resistant to water washout and water spray-off.

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