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Silver Streak

Schaeffer’s Silver Streak® line of industrial lubricants.

Silver Streak will provide performance over longer periods of time compared to competitors products. Silver Streak will allow for a wide range of uses so that you can solve many problems with one product!

In cold weather temperatures Silver Streak® will not harden or chip, and in hot weather temperatures it will resist thinning and running out. Silver Streak® will cling to gear teeth, and resist moisture, dirt and dust.

Recommended for use on:

  • open gears,
  • pins and bushings,
  • dipper sticks,
  • circle rails,
  • wire ropes and
  • large open chains
common to the mining, steel mill, railroad, construction, power plant and marine industries. 

Silver Streak® has moly and various solid lubricants to reduce friction and wear even when subjected to challenging conditions. This protection will help extend the life of your threads, gears and wire ropes.