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Super HV Pivot Gear Lube Grease 228PGL

Schaeffer's Super HV Pivot Gear Lube for center pivot irrigation systems.

It is an extreme pressure, thixotropic (will become liquid during use) semi-fluid grease that is specially designed for use in the lubrication of gear boxes of center pivot irrigation systems. 

Super HV Pivot Gear Lube is made from a blend of select high viscosity index (ISO 460) solvent refined, severely hydrofinished 100% paraffin base oils with film forming characteristics for strong resistance against wear for heavily loaded components.  Added into these 100% paraffin base oils fluids are an aluminum complex base thickener. Schaeffer has also added

  • are extreme pressure,
  • anti-wear,
  • lubricity agents,
  • rust,
  • oxidation and corrosion inhibitor additives and a polymer base additive system. 

Find MSDS and Technical Data on the product description page.

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