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Transmission & Drivetrain Fluids

Protecting Your Transmission and Drivetrain saves Dollars and Makes Sense - Schaeffer's Transmission and Drivetrain Fluids Make Perfect Sense!

Schaeffer’s superior quality drivetrain (including transmission) fluids can drop temperatures by 10º to 30ºF. That's a big deal! When you drop transmission temperatures by 18°F, the fluid and seal life doubles. 

Today’s drivetrains demand much more from their fluids and this is why you should switch to Schaeffer's if you haven't already. 

  • Low Temperature Performance Excellence
  • Stabilizes Oxidation
  • Resists Sludge Build-up
  • Prevents Foaming
  • Reduces Friction To Reduce Operating Temperatures
  • Anti-Shudder Protection
  • Smooth Shifting Performance
  • Long Term and Usable Fluid Life
  • Compatible With All Types of Seals