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Transmission /Drivetrain Fluids

Protecting Your Transmission and Drivetrain saves Dollars and Makes Sense - Schaeffer's Transmission and Drivetrain Fluids Make Perfect Sense!

Schaeffer’s superior quality drivetrain (including transmission) fluids can drop temperatures by 10º to 30ºF. That's a big deal! When you drop transmission temperatures by 18°F, the fluid and seal life doubles. 

Today’s drivetrains demand much more from their fluids and this is why you should switch to Schaeffer's if you haven't already. 

Low Temperature Performance Excellence

Stabilizes Oxidation

Resists Sludge Build-up

Prevents Foaming

Reduces Friction To Reduce Operating Temperatures

Anti-Shudder Protection

Smooth Shifting Performance

Long Term and Usable Fluid Life

Compatible With All Types of Seals