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Aerosol Products

Schaeffer's premium quality spray products last longer!  Aerosols offer clean and easy application.



Read some reviews below from Verified Buyers.


Here are some 5 Star reviews from verified buyers:


"266 Citrol: Best cleaner ever. When others don't work this stuff will. Don't ever change it.....Its the BEST>>>>> Used it in the foundry and now at home. Thanks for a great product." William T.

"Exhaust manifold bolts no match for 190 Penetro 90!! I have a 1973 Datsun 240Z with the original exhaust manifolds, which had never been touched. They were rusted on and nothing I sprayed on made any difference. I bought some Penetro 90 when I was buying some other Schaeffer product, just to give it a try. To my surprise, after spraying everything down and waiting overnight, I was able to remove all the nuts/bolts without breaking one!! I will be buying more Penetro, you can bet on it." William B.

"227 Roller Chain Lube is Great for AG use. I bought a case of this for chains on my combine, planter, and drill. It really soaked into some chains that had quite a bit of rust on them. It dries quickly, made my chains look and work like new, and best of all, they're not picking up any dust now. Really a great product." John D.