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Schaeffer's Moly Greases are premium, severe duty, quality greases.

If you're looking for the highest quality grease available and the best selection of synthetic, para-synthetic, bentone base and waterproof greases that will satisfy multiple applications, then you've definitely found the best source online. We stock the complete line of Schaeffer's premium greases in all NLGI's. 

Here is a quick breakdown of your choices to help you choose:

  • Pure synthetic: 197
  • Aluminum complex, waterproof, up to 350 degrees: 219, 221, 2282, 228PGL, 229, 238 and 274
  • Bentone, water resistant, up to 600 degrees: 197, 206, 248 and 260
  • Extra Moly: 238, 260 and 274M2
  • Biodegradable: 529
  • Food grade, H-1: 195, 271 and 272
  • Polyurea, electric motors: 278
  • Extreme high temperatures, 600 degrees+: 286C

Here is a link to an article posted here in the store with more information:

        Not sure which grease is right for you?  Call 360.336.2319 and we can help you choose.

"Try Schaeffer's Moly Greases & Trust Me You'll Never Use Another"

Here are some reviews from real customers: 

True high Temperature grease. Tried many brands of high temp grease with extremely poor results. The bearings seized within 7 working days. We put new bearings in and have been running for 15 working days with no sign of failure. Grease bearings every morning with all grease tried. 286C extreme high temperature grease with copper is fantastic for high temp applications !! Peter C.

The best Grease for a bobcat skid steer ever made. This is an awesome grease for heavy equipment by far the best. Jeff H.

#2 238 Grease. So far I find it to be a very good grease. I would say the best I've ever used.!! I will continue to use Schaeffer's products. Daniel V.