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If you're looking for the highest quality grease available and the best selection of synthetic, para-synthetic, bentone base and waterproof greases that will satisfy multiple applications then you've definitely found the best source online. We stock the full line of Schaeffer's moly greases. 

Here is a breakdown of your choices to help you choose:

Pure synthetic: 197

Aluminum complex, waterproof, up to 350 degrees: 219, 221, 2282, 228PGL, 229, 238 and 274

Bentone, water resistant, up to 600 degrees: 197, 206, 248 and 260

Extra Moly: 238, 260 and 274M2

Biodegradable: 5292

Food grade, H-1: 195, 2712 and 2722

Polyurea, electric motors: 278

Extreme temperatures, 600 degrees+: 286C

Here is a link to an article posted here in the store with more information:

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"Try Schaeffer's Moly Greases & Trust Me You'll Never Use Another"