Air Line Oils

Air Line Oils

Schaeffer's Moly Air Line Oils (#161 and #2001) are premium quality.

They are anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibited oils that are specially formulated. Use in all types of low pressure and high pressure air lines. Also use in all types of pneumatic air tool systems. Schaeffer's Moly Airline Oils are well suited for air line and pneumatic applications where high operating temperatures are seen.

Protection against the formation of varnish deposits on close clearance servo-valves and other system components is imperative. To reduce the formation of varnish deposits the well balanced premium anti-wear additive Varnish Shield™ is blended into the base oils. Varnish Shield™ is a patented hydraulic fluid additive that is designed to prevent the formation and the build-up of varnish deposits. It will provide  anti-wear benefits, thermal and oxidation stability, rust and corrosion protection and rapid water separation. 

Many of the Schaeffer hydraulic fluids may also be used as air line oils.  Read the technical data download information at the bottom of each product page for more specific application information.

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