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Schaeffer's engine oils will provide superior protection to your engine.


Using Schaeffer’s engine oils with proprietary friction modifiers, Micron Moly® and Penetro® will provide wear protection and give you fuel economy benefits.  Schaeffer's will help you save money on your bottom line.  More complete information and additional benefits are shown in each product listing.

There are almost 300 items available.  They have been put into sub-categories or just use the search bar to find exactly what you need.  We have the complete line of ALL current products for sale. If you need help, you can call us at (360)336-2319.

Here are some real reviews from our customers:

"The greatest oil. You have formulated something that is incomparable to all other oils on the market today. I thank you for the added protection that all your oils provide. It's the cheapest insurance I have ever came across."  Chad P.

"Supreme 9000 5W-30. This is a great product!! I use this oil in my pickup and it is well worth the extra cost, very good product!!!"  Gary C.