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Buy Schaeffer Oil, LLC dba. Buy1oils is an online retailer promoting & selling "Schaeffer Oil" products.   You can follow us on Twitter by searching ♥2 Buy Schaeffer Oil @BuySchaefferOil or #BuySchaefferOil.  Call us between 9:00 am and 5:00 pm Pacific Time and we would love to answer your technical questions and help you find just the right product for your needs.

What is Schaeffer oil?

In 1839, Schaeffer Manufacturing Company started pioneering the oil industry by manufacturing greases and oils for wagon trains and steamboats created from tallow and animal fats. But they didn't stop there, they are now the fastest growing specialty oil company in the nation. They produce over 300 fully formulated products and can provide lubrication for your every need. They will create a new product if one of their products doesn't suit your needs.

What is the difference between Schaeffer Oil Products and Oil products I can buy off the shelf?

Many "off the shelf" oil's quality isn't much different than when the oil came out of the ground containing impurities and water. This is the reason these oils turn black rapidly when exposed to high temperatures.   Schaeffer’s uses the highest grade of refined oil that filters out impurities and water before it is bottled. Two proven friction modifiers are then added and blended with conditioners that protect seals, protect against varnishing, for diesel engines a highly protective heavy duty additive, Micron Molly, bonds to the metal in your engine, coating it so that you don't get the metal to metal wear and it protects the engine during start-up and shock loading. Penetro is also added and acts like tiny ball bearings protecting your engine from wear and in turn increases your fuel economy.


Take The Lawn Mower Challenge!

Not Convinced? Try the lawn mower challenge.

Fill up your lawnmower's gas tank and keep track of the total amount of grass that is cut using one tank full with your current oil. Once you run out of gas, drain your current oil and replace it with Schaeffer Oil. When it's time to cut the lawn again, refill your gas tank and record how much grass is cut. You'll notice a significant difference. You will find the same great performance in all your motorized equipment. Try the Schaeffer Oil Challenge in your cars, recreation vehicles, equipment, and at work too. You'll be surprised at the time and money you save with less frequent trips to the gas station and fewer oil changes.

A Transportation Company Took The Challenge

A transport company with a fleet of 55 long haul trucks took the Schaeffer Challenge. They gained 4% increase in their mpg saving $140,300.00 and reduced the amount of oil changes from 401 to 129 times, which saved them $54.253 for a grand total savings of $194,553 in a year- not to mention the money saved by having less down time.


Schaeffer's oil puts that same high quality standard on all their lubrication products.  The following is a list of Schaeffer's products you can purchase here on our website at



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