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Food Grade H-1 Lubricants

Schaeffer's Food Grade H-1 Lubricants you can trust.


Schaeffer's  H-1 lubricants protect surfaces from wear, rust and corrosion.  Schaeffer's H-1 lubricants will hold up and protect your equipment during high heat and high moisture conditions. These food grade lubricants won’t wash out and will maintain consistency. This means less downtime which saves you money.

Schaeffer's uses advanced food grade additives and FDA-approved base oils.They all meet USDA 1998 H-1 Guidelines and are NSF Registered. Made with the best quality 100% pure paraffin, highly refined PAO and/or synthetic base oils to protect your equipment.

Here are some reviews from real customers: 

"Schaeffer 195 super tac food grade grease. Great product at a reasonable price." Jim H.

"Needed this grease for a mixer, keeps gears well lubricated." Angelo D.