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Machining Fluids

Schaeffer’s Premium metalworking fluids 

are designed to cool the tool interface by reducing friction. This will help reduce tool wear and it allows for tighter dimensional machining, higher turning speeds and feeds.  Schaeffer adds lubricity and anti-weld additives to their metalworking fluids to provide a film that reduces the coefficient of friction between the tool and the work-piece interface.  

Schaeffer’s metalworking fluids have 

  • rust inhibiting additives  
  • effective low-foaming emulsifier system to allow even mixing in water.
  • strength they need to resist rancidity and a drop in pH. 
  • strong bio resistance and bio-stability to help control Monday morning odors. 
  • ability to reject tramp oil contamination eliminating the food source for bacteria and fungus. The sump is less likely to sour and produce odors. This will help with longer sump life and less worker complaints.