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Simplex Tractor THF

Schaeffer’s Simplex THF fluids are universal extreme pressure torque converter fluids

designed for use in most farm and industrial tractors. Simplex meets and exceeds the service make-up and refill needs of the:

  • transmissions,
  • differentials,
  • final drives,
  • hydraulic,
  • power steering systems, 
  • wet brake systems  

Simplex THF is blended with premium quality base oils and a carefully balanced additive package. This allows Simplex Tractor Hydraulic Fluids to hold up under high temperatures so that you don’t have to stop working to let your equipment cool down. Simplex THF will provide cooler, smoother and more efficient hydraulic performance.   

Schaeffer’s Simplex Tractor Hydraulic Fluid (THF) is designed to meet a wide range of equipment manufacturers’ specifications. Simplex THF meets and exceeds John Deere's current J20C specification.