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Hydraulic Fluids

You can count on Schaeffer's Hydraulic Fluids for Premium Performance.

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Schaeffer's hydraulic fluids will run cooler while your equipment is operating. Lowering the temperatures will prolong your hydraulic fluid and equipment life. This means you can reduce maintenance costs. Thermal stress will cause varnish to form in hydraulic systems. Eventually this sticky substance can cause operation issues and can increase wear. Schaeffer's hydraulic fluids contain anti-wear and anti-varnish additives to help combat this issue.

Schaeffer's hydraulic fluids will keep filters, strainers and valves cleaner for efficient fluid flow and pumpability. Also, leaking seals and hose failures can affect your equipment efficiency and expose your lubricants to dirt and other contaminants. Schaeffer’s products are engineered to be compatible with a wide range of seals and hoses and to help eliminate leaking.

We sell the complete line of all Schaeffer's hydraulic oils.  You can choose from conventional, para synthetic or full synthetic.