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Metalworking Fluids

Schaeffer’s premium products for your machine shop.


Schaeffer's puts the same quality in their machining lineup as they do their lubricating oils. You can find a wide variety of items that are designed to reduce tool wear. Less down time will increase production and improve your bottom line.     

Schaeffer’s metalworking fluids have:

  • rust inhibiting additives  
  • effective low-foaming emulsifier system
  • strength they need to resist rancidity and a drop in pH. 
  • strong bio resistance and biostability  
  • ability to reject tramp oil contamination 

You can find all of these Schaeffer quality products here:

  • honing oil
  • cutting oil
  • rust prevention
  • metal working fluid
  • tapping compounds
  • sump cleaner
  • slide and way oil
  • spindle fluid