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HTC Oils

Schaeffer's HTC (Hydraulic-Turbine-Compressor) Oils

The trend among hydraulic pump builders and compressor manufacturers is to employ higher speed and pressures. Many turbine systems are generally subjected to shock loads and occasional overloading. These conditions often result in conditions of thin film lubrication that can result in excessive wear. This excessive wear will result in a loss in hydraulic pump, compressor and turbine efficiency, but also can result in a costly shutdown for maintenance.

Schaeffer HTC Oils are non-detergent, anti-wear, rust and oxidation inhibiting, premium quality oils. Specially formulated for use in critical high-precision industrial and mobile-type systems. These include

  • low pressure and high pressure hydraulic systems,
  • turbines,
  • rotary vane,
  • rotary screw,
  • reciprocating,
  • axial and centrifugal type air compressor systems 
  • vacuum pumps and blower applications.

Many of the choices contain VarniShield™. Please read compete product descriptions on the TD link on each item page.