20 Reasons to Treat your Diesel Fuel (with Schaeffer's!)

1. Improvement of the fuel cetane rating up to 5 points. 

2. Easier cold weather starting and reduced misfiring at lower air inlet temperatures. 

3. Faster warm-up. 

4. Clean-up and keep clean performance proven in the Peugeot DW-10 Injector Depositing Test. (Carbon Treat    provides 3x the detergency needed.) 

5. Superior Cummins L-10 Injector Depositing Test and Cummins N-14 Injector Corrosion Test Performance. 

6. Dispersion of insoluble gums and varnish present in low quality fuels. 

7. Excellent deposit control for indirect injected diesel engines. 

8. Improved combustion by completely vaporizing the fuel into smaller particles (providing better fuel economy and preventing a significant loss in engine power). 

9. Improved fuel economy. 

10. Modification of existing injector deposits, allowing for their removal and safe passage into the combustion chamber where they can be burned. 

11. Reduced emissions, exhaust smoke, particulates and black smoke. 

12. Excellent anti-wear protection for injectors and fuel pumps. 

13. Supplemental ring and valve-train anti-wear protection. 

14. Lubrication of the upper cylinders, fuel pumps and injectors. 

15. Increased fuel thermal stability to resist thermal degradation. 

16. Inhibition of oxidation during storage which extends storage stability. 

17. Helps control the acidic by-products produced by the combustion of diesel fuel. 

18. Rust and corrosion protection to the entire fuel system.

19. Winter blend treatments provide cold temperature protection against fuel gelling, waxing, and fuel line freeze-up. 

20. Restores, improves and maintains horsepower.

At pennies per gallon, why wouldn't you?

8th May 2024 Steven White

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