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Schaeffer 550M VGP-EAL Marine EcoShield Biodegradable Grease (40-Lbs)

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40.00 LBS
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Schaeffer's 550M VGP-EAL Marine EcoShield™ Biodegradable Grease NLGI #2 (40-Lbs) is a multi-purpose, extreme pressure, environmentally friendly, non-toxic, water resistant, readily biodegradable grease. It is formulated for use in the lubrication of ball, roller, sliding and journal bearing applications found in marine equipment that is operated in environmentally sensitive areas.

Marine EcoShield™ Biodegradable Grease NLGI #2 meets the U.S. EPA’s 2013 Vessel General Permit (VGP) specifications and requirements for Environmentally Acceptable Lubricants (EAL) for marine applications where the lubricant may come into contact or interface with fresh or sea water.

Marine EcoShield™ Biodegradable Grease NLGI #2 is compounded from a combination of renewable, high oleic plant base oils and biodegradable synthetic polyol ester base fluids, a bentone thickener and select additives. This formulation provides Marine EcoShield™ Biodegradable Grease NLGI #2 with the following performance features:

  • Very good resistance to water washout 
  • Strong anti-wear and extreme pressure protection  
  • Excellent rust and corrosion inhibiting characteristics 
  • Very good resistance to oxidation and oil separation 
  • A very high dropping point

(P/N 0550M-040)

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