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Schaeffer 170-012 Extreme Performance Synthetic 75W-140 (12-Quarts)

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Schaeffer's 170 Extreme Performance Full Synthetic Gear Lube SAE 75W-140 (12-Quarts) is a highly shear stable, thermally stable and durable extreme pressure synthetic gear lubricant. Schaeffer’s Extreme Performance Full Synthetic is engineered from the highest quality PAO synthetic base oils with a non-corrosive, extreme pressure additive and proven friction modifier, Micron Moly®.

Specially formulated for use in: 

  • Harley Davidson V-Twin transmissions
  • high performance differentials
  • heavy-duty and high performance transmissions
  • aftermarket 5-speed and 6-speed separate motorcycle transmissions
  • final drives
  • standard and limited-slip differentials
  • shaft drive transmissions
  • applications requiring the use of a hypoid type gear oil.

Extreme Performance Full Synthetic SAE 75W-140 is also recommended for use in differential applications that are found in today’s pick-up trucks, SUVs and heavy equipment that are operated in severe applications such as:

  • towing
  • hauling
  • steep-hill driving
  • commercial use
  • plowing
  • racing
  • off-road use
  • rapid acceleration
  • frequent stop-and-go
  • high ambient temperatures.

(Not recommended for Harley-Davidson Sportsters transmissions and motorcycles with combined engine/transmission sumps.)

Extreme Performance Full Synthetic SAE 75W-140 meets and exceeds:

API Service Classifications GL-5; MT-1; PG-2; Military Specification MIL-PRF-2105E; SAE J2360; Mack GO-J-S, Clark MS-8 Rev. 1; Ford M2C-119A, MC2108C, M2C158A, M2C192A; General Motors Specifications 9985476, 9985044; Chrysler; Rockwell Standard 0-76L; David Brown ET-19; Terex EMS 19003; VME America's EEMS S19003F, EEMS19107, Eaton's Axle Lubricant Specifications, Dana SHAES 234 (Formally Eaton PS-037); ZF TE-ML-05B, ZF TE-ML-05D, and ZF TE-ML-12D.

Always consult the owner’s manual and the OEM’s recommendations for the correct recommendations. More information available in technical data download.

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rev 3.29.24

Download Schaeffer MSDS Sheet  Schaeffer Oil Technical DATA

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