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Watch these incredible videos giving proof to the rumors of how great Schaeffer Oil products perform. Afterwards you'll want to buy Schaeffer oil and a Baldwin filter so you too can experience the great performance boost Schaeffer's Lubricants can do for your mechanical wonders. 

One Million Mile Gasoline Engine 


One Million Mile Diesel Engine

 CarbonTreat Fuel Treatment

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Purpose for Buy1oils

If you are like most people, having never heard of Schaeffer Oil, please read on to find out why our webstore has  synthetic oil for sale. Maybe you had heard of Schaeffer's name but you're skeptical adhering to the old adage, "if it's too good to be true, it must be a lie."  Or perhaps you may have tried Schaeffer Oil, liked it but for some reason or another the place you purchased it is either out of business, stopped carrying it or you moved and cannot find a retailer in your area.  For any of these reasons and more this is why we began Buy1oils. 

It Pays To Buy From An Expert!

As with any product or service you should always buy from and expert.  We take pride in our customer service whether responding by email or expert care over the phone by calling 360-336-2319.  We have the answers for your questions and we'll be here for you now after the sale.  We want to invite you to experience the Buy Schaeffer Oil, LLC dba. Buy1oils difference.