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Can I use racing oil in my daily driver?

Racing oils are specially blended oils designed with added zinc (aka ZDDP), phosphorus, and molybdenum for the rigors of high temperatures and high speeds. They are not recommended for daily driving. Using racing oil in a non-track vehicle can increase the formation of sludge buildup in the engine. More importantly, it can also damage your expensive catalytic converter! Racing oils are formulated without regard to emissions equipment life. 

It would be best to consider the following when choosing oil for your application. Engine speed, engine load, operating temperature, engine type, operating clearances, and operating environment. 

Did you know that racing engines are built with looser and wider clearances than modern street engines? Also, racing is typically done in warm summer weather. When you factor in the extreme heat and wider clearances, it usually requires thicker oil to protect the engine than would be recommended for your daily driver. 

Choosing engine oil with the correct viscosity grade is extremely important. Automotive engines can be somewhat tolerant of viscosity. But if you go too light or heavy, the engine will suffer. Performance can be affected, and actual damage can occur. Follow the engine manufacturer's recommendations with regard to the weight of the oil you choose. 

Some premium racing oils, like Schaeffer’s, use advanced detergency additives in their racing oils to combat sludge, varnish, and high-temperature deposits from forming. Premium racing oils will also protect your expensive engine from rust and corrosion. 

In some cases, high-performance gasoline engines can use premium diesel engine oils with high detergency for added protection without the additives that can foul catalytic converters. You should check with your engine builder to confirm this. 

Some pre-1975 engines, vintage engines, engines that contain flat tappet cams, and those that are turbocharged or supercharged can use racing engine oils with great success. (Remember to watch out for your catalytic converter if you have one.) 

Your daily driver will provide you with top performance and longevity using Schaeffer’s premium blended gasoline engine oils. They provide all the necessary additives and features that you need for your daily driver. You will also receive many significant premium oil benefits, including increased fuel economy!

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