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Tips On Determining The Quality Of Schaeffer Grease

Determining the quality of lubricants, such as Schaeffer grease, is imperative for anyone looking to purchase this sort of product and put it to use. High quality products not only allow the equipment to perform optimally under a variety of temperatures, but it also extends the entire lifespan of the equipment, therefore potentially saving the owner a lot of money in costly maintenance and repairs.

The overall quality of a product such as Schaeffer's grease can be determined in a variety of ways, although it is usually best to look at the base oil viscosity, base oil type and grease consistency.

The Base Oil Viscosity

The base oil viscosity of grease is actually one of the most important component of this sort of product. Most people assume that grease consistency and base oil viscosity are the same thing, but this couldn't be farther from the truth. 

Greases are formulated from 80-97% base oils.  Thickeners are used to determine consistency.  The final aspect is the additives.

One of the biggest advantages of turning to a product such as Schaeffer's  Moly Pure Synthetic grease is that this product is able to withstand pressures that range up to 500,000 psi, which means that it is able to protect these surfaces even under high speed conditions. What is more, it functions optimally under high shock loads and under more extreme pressures. This speaks to the high quality of the grease. This product also has a very wide temperature range application, which is between -50 degrees Fahrenheit and 500 degrees Fahrenheit.

The Basic Oil Type

Once a person has considered the viscosity of the oil, then they should consider the additives.  Grease additives and modifiers impart special properties or modify existing ones. The additives and modifiers most commonly used in lubricating greases are oxidation or rust inhibitors, polymers, extreme pressure (EP) additives, anti-wear agents, lubricity or friction-reducing agents such as molybdenum disulfide. 

Products such as Moly Pure Synthetic grease are manufactured from added compounds such as polyalphaolefin, or PAO, which is a synthetic oil base. This is then blended with a bentone base thickener, as well as a range of additives to improve the overall performance of the oil. These additives allow the Schaeffer grease the following characteristics; wider temperature applications, rust and oxidation inhibitors, anti-wear properties, extended bearing life and thermal stability, among many others.

Any high quality grease should be able to boast of a range of optimal characteristics due to the additives and base oil type that was chosen to manufacture the product. It is quite common to find many greases manufactured with mineral oil bases, as well as synthetic bases.

Grease Consistency

The grease consistency is actually controlled by the thickener type, concentration and the viscosity of the base oil, so all of these factors need to be taken into consideration when determining the overall quality of the product. Common thickeners used in greases include lithium, aluminum, calcium soaps, (bentone) clay, and polyurea.

Once again, Schaeffer grease such as Moly Pure Synthetic is manufactured with a bentone thickener, as well as molybdenum disulfide, allowing the grease to work as a backstop lubricant. This actually allows the lubricant to perform as a solid lubricant film on a metal plate.

It is important to remember that certain types of grease could end up having a high consistency and a low viscosity, as well as the other way around. Individuals should keep in mind, therefore, that they should never make assumptions about the consistency based on the viscosity.

Opting For High Quality Lubricants

The best possible lubricant for one situation might not transfer to other situations, which is why it is important for individuals pay attention to the characteristics of each situation before making a decision one way or the other. Getting to know the Schaeffer different grease products will aid individuals in locating the most appropriate product for just about any situation.  

Schaeffer's Manufactures The Best In Moly Greases

Schaeffer's  waterproof greases can be put to many uses, and as technology continues to grow, the company itself is expanding to ensure it is always able to provide high quality solutions to those challenges faced in industries ranging from agriculture to retail.

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