Slide and Way Oils

Slide and Way Oils

Schaeffer's Moly Slide & Way Lubes will reduce stick-slip and chatter

even under thin film boundary lubrication conditions to allow for smooth, uniform motion at design travel speeds. Schaeffer's own Micron Moly® reduces friction between the moving parts which results in less heat being generated and lower operating temperatures. 

Some Schaeffer hydraulic fluids may also be used as slide and way lubes. This provides an opportunity for one fluid to work in multiple applications.  Please check the TD data downloads for correct applications.

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  • Schaeffer 016068-005 Moly Slide and Way Lube ISO 68 (5-Gallon pail)

    Schaeffer 160 Moly Slide and Way Lube ISO 32 to 220 (5-Gallons)

    Schaeffer Mfg Co.

    Save 10% when you buy 4! Schaeffer's 160 Moly Slide and Way Lube ISO 32, 46, 68, 100, 150 or 220 (5-Gallons) is premium quality anti-wear lubricant. It is specially formulated to meet the lubrication requirements for accuracy and parts finish of...
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