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Schaeffer 137CTPSC CarbonTreat Premium Summer (Extra Cetane) (5-Gallons)

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Schaeffer's 137CTPSC CarbonTreat™ Premium Summer Diesel Treatment with EXTRA CETANE (5-Gallons) is a multi functional, ultra-low sulfur compliant diesel fuel additive. It is formulated to prevent and control the formation of asphaltenes and other unstable compounds. These compounds are caused by the extreme pressures and temperatures encountered in high pressure common rail fuel injection systems. They can lead to the formation of deposits which plug fuel filters and foul injectors. Carbon Treat™ Premium Summer has 3X the detergency needed to provide clean-up and keep clean performance, as shown by the Peugeot DW-10 Injector Depositing Test.

  •  Improve fuel efficiency.
  •  Restore, improve and maintain horsepower.
  •  Improvement of the fuel’s cetane rating up to FIVE points.
  •  Excellent anti-wear protection.
  •  Inhibition of oxidation during storage.
  •  Rust and corrosion protection to the entire fuel system.
  •  Increased Lubricity Protection with Synshield.   

Treatment Ratio: One Gallon of CarbonTreat™ Premium Summer Extra Cetane to 1500 gallons of diesel fuel.

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