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Should I treat my diesel fuel?

Why should I treat my diesel fuel?

There are many important benefits to treating your diesel fuel with a premium additive such as Schaeffer’s Carbon Treat.

If you live in a colder winter area, using a winter blend diesel additive will provide cold temperature protection against fuel gelling, waxing, and fuel line freeze-up. Prevention is the key here. It is also important to note that each batch of fuel will react differently to treatment and it sometimes is necessary to double treat during extreme weather.

Using a quality diesel additive will also improve your fuel efficiency. This benefit alone will basically pay for the cost of the additive and then you will still receive all the other additional benefits.

Your fuel injectors are a critical and expensive component in a diesel engine. Deposits can clog those injectors, restricting the fuel delivery and giving you reduced performance and mileage. Keeping those injectors clean is a whole lot less expensive that replacing them!

You should also look for a product that will provide improvement of the diesel fuel’s cetane rating. The higher the number, the better the fuel burns within the engine of a vehicle. The cetane number in diesel is similar to the octane rating in gasoline.

Premium diesel fuel additives will provide anti-wear protection for injectors and fuel pumps; supplemental ring and valve-train protection; and lubrication of the upper cylinders. Another benefit is oxidation, rust and corrosion protection to your fuel system during extended storage. 


Finally, look for an additive that will help control water in your fuel by suspending small water droplets in the fuel to be burned with the fuel. Water in your fuel can cause a multitude of problems including corrosion and growth of micro-organisms and bacteria. It is important to understand that if your fuel is severely compromised it should be treated with a fuel shock or tank dry product.

The bottom line is that a quality diesel fuel additive is a good minimal investment. For just a few pennies per gallon it will keep your equipment performing better. It can also reduce downtime from maintenance and repairs. Can you afford not to treat? carries the complete line of all Schaeffer's fuel additives.