Should I treat my diesel fuel?

Are you wondering "Should I treat my diesel fuel?"

Yes, yes, yes! There are many essential benefits to treating your diesel fuel with a premium additive, such as Schaeffer’s Carbon Treat. Read on to get a quick crash course on diesel additives.

If you think you can't afford to treat---think again.  It costs pennies per gallon and you will see an improvement in fuel economy This benefit alone will pay for the additive cost, and then you will still receive the other additional important benefits. While each operating situation reacts differently, many users are seeing a 2%-10% increase in mileage.

Do you live in a cold winter area? Using a winter-blend diesel additive will help provide cold temperature protection against fuel gelling, waxing, and fuel line freeze-up. Preparation and prevention are the keys here. Some fuel companies treat in the winter and some don't. It is also important to know that each batch of fuel will react differently to treatment, and you may sometimes need to double-treat during extremely cold winter weather.

We already know that fuel injectors are a critical and expensive component in a diesel engine. Low-quality diesel will cause carbon deposits that clog injectors and restrict fuel delivery. This will lower performance and reduce mileage. Keeping those injectors clean is a whole lot less expensive than replacing them! Premium diesel fuel additives will also provide anti-wear protection to injectors and fuel pumps. 

When shopping, look for a product that will improve the diesel fuel’s cetane rating. The higher the cetane number, the better the fuel will burn within the engine. You can think of the cetane number in diesel as similar to the octane rating in gasoline. 


Finally, look for an additive that will help control water in your fuel. By suspending the tiny water droplets in the fuel they can be quickly burned off. Water in your fuel can cause many problems! This includes the growth of micro-organisms and bacteria. Additives will also protect against oxidation, rust, and corrosion in your fuel system even during extended storage. (It is important to understand that if your fuel is severely compromised, it should be treated with a fuel shock and/or a tank dry product.)

As Ben Franklin says “An ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure.” The bottom line is that a quality diesel fuel additive is an excellent minimal investment. For just a few pennies per gallon, you can save more than the cost of the additive. It will increase mileage and keep your equipment performing better. It can also reduce downtime from maintenance and repairs. Can you afford not to treat? sells the complete line of all Schaeffer's fuel additives. Check it out!


9th Aug 2022 Steven White

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