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Love Citrol Cleaner

Love Citrol Cleaner

Love Citrol Cleaner

(fictional characters and portions were used for embellishing, although much of the following content rings true.)

We use Citrol cleaner in our mechanics shop for everything. What I mean is that it is our go to cleaner for parts cleaning, engine cleaning, removing heavy grease and oil build-up and more. The reason is that we love the way it works and smells. My wife uses it on my oily stained clothes at home too.

Speaking of home, we use it for a variety of cleaning jobs around the house. My wife’s car had some road tar and it took it off in a jiffy. I sprayed Citrol cleaner on the dried bug juice on the SUV’s headlights and whala! Off it came. She uses it on the shower all the time to get soap scum off. She says it’s the best soap scum remover she’s ever used. The neighbors saw me using it too.

My neighbor asked me where I got my Citrol cleaner and I told him Buy1oils sells it. He ordered his 3-pack of Citrol cleaner from and in a short time I saw him using it to clean stickers off his boat. What’s more, his antique race car still had sticky stuff from stickers he’d removed in the 60’s and he was excited to finally have it clean. He said it was the best cleaner he has used and was planning to order some for his family as gifts. This reminded me that I received my first can as a gift from Buy1oils.

Yes, Buy1oils had messed up on a shipment and for an apology they sent me a free can of Citrol cleaner. That’s what got me hooked. Not only am I hooked on the can, but I’ll never buy from anyone else because Buy1oils stands behind their mistakes. And I noticed on Buy1oils website they carry Cirtol gallon’s too. I am going to have to try that next time I buy Citrol.

I want to add another thing about Citrol that I just found out. Citrol can be diluted for various cleaning jobs. This means that Citrol gallon I am going to purchase next will really go along way. After seeing my neighbor recommending Citrol I have decided to do the same by writing to buy1oils. I urge everyone to try Citrol and always buy Citrol cleaner from Buy1oils.